Thermolastic Pavement Marking Powder/Paint & Machine

Quality Thermoplastic Road Marking Supplier from China!

Over 10 years Experience supplying industry-leading thermoplastic road marking paints and machines! Philippines Line Marking Contractor Approved! Get exclusive thermoplastic road marking supplies philippines prices today!

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Lighten Traffic Safety Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise which is engaged in the professional road marking machine research and development, design, production, and sales. 

The company has established and improved scientific and technological research and development system, production process system, quality control system, marketing service system and information management system, rapidly growing into the highest domestic market coverage, one of Asia's largest road marking machine production enterprise. The company’s R&D team has successfully solved a number of world-class problems, including non-destructive removal of marking lines,non-destructive removal of psoriasis, wet rusty surface removal and repainting, hot melt marking line automatic breakage, one machine multiple marking lines, etc. The imported airport rubber removal vehicle can evacuate the site in 5 minutes and recycle water vapor and sundries perfectly. The company’s ERP management changes the traditional capital flow, material flow, product flow, and information flow into the computer high efficient processing digital flow.

The company conscientiously practices ”One Belt and One Road” development strategy, its products are exported to over 50 countries worldwide like Philippines,Egypt, Spain, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Kenya, Malaysia, USA, Bangladesh, South Africa, Saudi Arabia,Turkey, Singapore, Iraq, India, Germany, and other countries and regions. Our hot sales products are:
1: Handpush Lane marking machine for sale;
2: Thermoplastic pavement marking paint;
Thermoplastic Powder & Reflective Glass Beads Large Quantity in Stock
3: Single/Double tank preheater/melting kettle for sale!

Any interests on these thermoplastic paints, preheaters, marking machines specs, catalog or quote, welcome to send request to [email protected]

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