Highway Guardrails

Highway guardrails are considered a passive barrier and are widely installed to keep vehicles on the road. In the event of an unavoidable collision, highway guardrails can effectively reduce the speed of an out-of-control vehicle and redirect it back to the road by controlling the exit angle.

To ensure highway safety, highway guardrails are essential

Highway guardrails, often called passive barriers, keep vehicles on the road by acting as a passive barrier. If an inevitable collision occurs, highway guardrails can effectively slow down and redirect errant vehicles by controlling the exit angle in order to prevent them from colliding with one another. In addition, the highway will be clearly visible, preventing animals from running into the road.

We can supply different types of highway guardrails.

Our company has been manufacturing highway guardrails since 2000. Our company provides highway guardrails that can be used for many purposes. As shown in the right pictures, we can divide our products into four major types based on their shapes: 

highway guardrails

W-beam HighWay Guardrail

In order to guarantee its durability and maximum strength, W-beam highway guardrails are formed according to the latest highway safety barrier technology. Made of high-quality steel to minimize the impact of mobile equipment. At the same time, the zinc coating or PVC coating is perfectly combined with the W-shaped steel guardrail, so that the product is not damaged by corrosion and rust.

Our W-beam highway guardrail products are most commonly used for traffic safety in straight or curved shapes. Size and shape customizations are also available.

AASHTO M180 Guardrail Fishtail End

Guardrail Fishtail End

A fishtail terminal is a scalloped end that provides a shallow termination for steel guardrail fences. It flares out from the road to cushion shocks. Fishtail terminals can be used in guardrail beams and are ideal for double rails and walkways. Fishtail ends (end treatments) are easy to install and can be modified for custom installations.

Guardrail Bolts&nuts

Guardrail Bolts & nuts

Guardrail bolts are an important part of a guardrail system. Lighten Traffic can produce different types of guardrail beams and stud bolts and nuts, such as anti-theft bolts. Standard: DIN931/933/912/DIN603, ASTM, JIS, BSW, non-standard bolts (according to your order), etc.

Moreover, the beam guardrails can be curved in concave or convex shapes to be applied to road corners where straight guardrails are an ill-fit. Depending on the surface finish, there are two types of highway guardrail: galvanized and PVC coated. Zinc or PVC coatings effectively prevent rust, corrosion, and damage from extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, due to its anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging characteristics, the high quality surface treatment extends the product's service life.

In addition, we offer highway guardrail terminal ends, crash cushions, cable barrier ends, guardrail posts, bolts, nuts, and offset blocks, among other


Your trustable & reliable highway guardrail manufacturer in China

Lightentraffic is a professional manufacturer and exporter of a range of highway guardrail products that ensure traffic safety. With more than 19 years of experience, we have developed into a leading company in the field of highway guardrails.

The company has a series of advanced production equipment, specializing in the production of high-quality products such as W-beam guardrails, three-beam guardrails, box beam guardrails, ropeway guardrails, guardrail ends, ropeway guardrail ends, and crash pads. For the convenience of our customers, we also offer various shapes of posts and some accessories, including post caps, offset blocks, bolts and nuts.

The products we supply are mainly used in highways, roadways and intersections to prevent vehicles from slipping. At the same time, our products work flawlessly and show unmatched impact performance due to their high quality. All our products are produced under strict quality control. What we do is improve quality and make sure our customers are satisfied with our products.

We can also provide you with excellent service by selecting the most appropriate size and shape of highway guardrail for your intended application.

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