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South Africa Clients for Road Marking machine and Guardrails on October,2017 year

This client from South Africa came to us on October,2017 year. who got be the Second client from Africa Countries to meet with us in China, who is just coming after the First Tanzania clients.

We have a great meeting together and start business of  thermoplastic road marking machine and steel guardrails  which is the first order of guardrails in large amount of 20kms i think at that time.and due to installation of guardrails who has agained ordered the guardrail install machine from us too.

We have kept working untill now on the thermoplasctic paint in mixing containers with small amount of Guardrail as this client is running road mantainence company oftenly as our guardrails  is pretty good heard from this friend. Bless you my African Friends whatever which country of Africa you come from. 

Just come to me and i think you will work with me quickly without doubts.