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Myanmar Clients for Road Marking Machine and Thermoplastic Paint On August,2018 Year

This client from Myanmar came to us on August,2018 year. who would be the Second South East Asia Clients i think for our company meeting with us in China so i think in South East Asia we have done a quite good job now.

We have a great meeting together and start business of the road marking machine and thermoplastic road marking paint  first in 2 set of 20ft container. as you know that their sea shipment is a little more difficult so they like to order in bulk order together for his several months using or selling locally and came to us again after 4months with another 2 containers.Since then they  keeping orders at the interval of 4 months. 

We have kept working untill now and business scope from road marking machine and road marking paint to guardrails and street lights too which we didnt put on the page but we also sell street lights ,will try to put on the website for your checking.

Pls have a look of below visiting pics i have reserved.